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Multi-core & GPU

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With up to and over 18 cores and 36 threads, the Modena Hydra is engineered to maximize your creative productivity. Whether you’re processing point clouds, deep learning, rendering photo-realistic images and animations, editing feature films or deploying cutting edge VR experiences, the Hydra, with support for up to four graphics cards and 256GB of memory, is an ideal platform for complex production pipelines.

*Also available in white.

Designed for Rendering, Multi-Threaded Content Creation, AI Machine & Deep Learning and more!

  • 3 Year Desktop PC Warranty
  • Lifetime Hardware Support
  • Free Labour on Hardware Upgrades
  • Free Year 1 “Refresh” Dust Clean & Update
  • Free Shipping in SA on orders over R15k ex VAT
  • 3 Day Order to Ship Time For Stocked Items
  • Setup & Ready to Go – Just Turn It On!

Please Note: Pricing is subject to change at any time depending on parts availability, exchange rate and configuration chosen.

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Leave your hardware worries to our experts.

Never worry again about hardware issues, just bring your Modena desktop computer in to us and we will diagnose hardware issues for free as well as recommend the appropriate plan of action. Not only that, but we will also provide you with free labour on hardware replacements and upgrades to your Modena desktop computer if required.



Just plug it in, turn it on and make things happen!

After being meticulously assembled, tested and benchmarked, we go through the hassle of installing all of your chosen software for you, we apply the latest updates to both the operating system, application software and drivers – all of which saves you both time and money, and minimises the need for you to employ the services of an IT technician.



A new era of desktop computing has arrived.

Never satisfied by badly configured workstations from larger computer corporations, we knew that with our expertise we could create computers that would outperform anything in the market. With hundreds of Modena computers in various corporations, it’s safe to say that our customers agree.



We use only the best parts in our computers.

We only use components from top brands. These are the same parts you can buy off the shelf, because companies only sell their best products at retail. Everything else gets sold in bulk as OEM parts to our competitors. Retail grade parts are more stable, durable, and powerful than most OEM options. We wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best in our systems.



We speak your language and use your software.

The perfect PC isn’t one-size-fits-all. Various users have unique requirements and we understand this since the very people who design and build Modena computers, are the same people that use and know the software. We’ll guide you along every step of the way in helping you choose the right configuration for you and your needs.



Obsessing over perfection, so you don’t have to deal with the lack thereof.

Once you finish your design, our technicians assemble it by hand. From excellent cable-management to double-checking each screw, we are obsessed with perfection and will turn your dream machine into a work of art that will run flawlessly. Our team takes pride in our assembly process, treating each build like it is their own.



Culminating in a cool and quiet computer.

Desktops from large manufacturers are designed to be put together and moved along an assembly line as quickly as possible. Wiring is often bundled into a ball inside the case, obstructing airflow and making future upgrades virtually impossible.

We obsess over every computer we create. During our extensive production process, each screw is turned by hand by a single technician and each wire tucked away with care for optimal cooling and aesthetics. There are no assembly lines here.



We ensure your computer is running to perfection before it is delivered.

We put every computer we build through an extensive checklist including “burn in” and benchmarking tests with thermal imaging to ensure it’s perfect before it leaves our premises. Larger computer corporations don’t even boot many of the desktops they build, let alone put them through such a process.



We ensure your computer is free of anything that might slow it down.

Free trials and demo software that you didn’t ask for, also known as “bloatware,” is a large source of income for large computer manufacturers, and one way that they are able to increase profits. The issue is, bloatware also slows down your computer down by consuming resources, turning what should be fresh start into a cluttered and frustrating experience.



The longest lasting desktop computers you will ever own.

Because of everything above, our PCs seem to just last and last, often years longer than comparable PC’s from the competition. This simply translates to better overall value and productivity for you, our clients.


  1. Wouter van Niekerk (verified owner)

    We procured a Modena Hydra for our University’s Data Science Lab after being on the verge of pulling the trigger on importing a SUPER expensive workstation from an overseas supplier – boy are we glad that we didn’t go down that route!
    Our Hydra is really all we needed – same specs as the overseas brand, but at almost half the price of what it would have cost to import one.

    The consultants at Modena Computers also managed to optimise our budget when they heard exactly what we were going to use the machine for – as example of this was them suggesting 4 RTX2080Ti cards to run 4 models and tests at the same time as apposed to 2 slower more expensive Quadro card with slightly more VRAM (which we wouldn’t have used all of anyway).
    We learnt that although one would think that because the Quadro’s cost more, that they would be faster – but that is not the case! Although they do have their uses – such as ECC RAM and more of it, we simply didnt need those features.

    The really went above and beyond – all the way down to installing Ubunta 18.04 along with TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe, Caffe, CUDA, cuDNN, and NVIDIA Drivers before delivery – so the machine was basically ready to go once it was delivered.

    Looking forward to seeing many more Modena Computers throughout our campus!

  2. Nick Parsons – SouthBit Data Recovery Specialists (verified owner)

    Damien from Modena Computers went above and beyond to spec and build me a powerful desktop for the office. I needed something quickly, and within a day he’d supplied and custom built the perfect machine, along with delivering it and providing backup support. Fantastic service!

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